Monday, July 26, 2010

pre-order bags.

Product Name: Cutie handbag (Pink, Grey)
Price: RM 60
Details: Very classy, easy for the ones that has alot of stuffs to carry with or you cud bring this to class! ;)

Product Name: Lovely Studded handbag
Price: RM65
Details: very cute yet lovely! even i have one! get one and be different!
Colour: white, pink, red and black.
Product Name: Studded handbag
Price: 60
Details: if you are person who follow fashion, then you would not want to miss the chance of having this!
Colour: Red, Blue, Brown.

Product Name: Fashion SquareBag
Price: RM 50
Details: comes in Pink, Red and black.

Product Name: Stylish Classic
Price: RM55
Details: its a must have for everyone as it defines the classic attitude in you and it brings a classic style in you.
Colour: Red, Peach, Brown, White.
Product Name: Simplicity 1
Price: RM 45
Details: easy-to-carry handbag is what everyone should have especially when the ones who are simple but yet different!
Colour: Blue, Light blue, rose red, pure white.
Product Name: Simplicity 2
Price: RM 45
Details: colour comes in Blue, black and grey.

Product Name: old times favourite
Price: RM50
Details: color comes in black, brown and white.

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